Since starting physical therapy at Immelman & Redivo, I have received exemplary care that led to a quick recuperation. The team is knowledgeable and highly capable, using a variety of methods to achieve lasting results. They are also accommodating to busy schedules. Immelman & Redivo is second to none! Best wishes.”
– MG

“I just want to say a big THANK YOU. I was reflecting on the state that my ankle area has been since March and the perspective of the doctor in August that I might have needed surgery. I’m soooo thankful that didn’t happen. And I’m grateful and relieved that I’m now so much more mobile and pain-free than what I have been for most of the year. What a year! Thanks for being part of helping my body get back to normal. 🙂 “

– MT

“Dear Vanessa and Elandie,
I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for the highly professional service your practice provides in helping people.
In the first place, when I came to your practice initially, a proper evaluation was done and neither the evaluation nor the treatments were rushed. My experience is that you really try to find the cause of the problem and provide the appropriate treatment and advice.
As a person who had a neck and shoulder injury 39 years ago, and in more recent years was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I sincerely appreciate the service your practice provides and how the treatments alleviate pain and help to get me up and running as and when needed.  Along with this, there is always a warm welcoming smile as you walk in the door of the practice and much practical advice to help you help yourself! Thank you!”
– JL

This is just a short testimonial resulting from the last year and a bit that I received treatment at Immelman and Redivo Physiotherapy. We moved from Mossel Bay to Pretoria and I was referred to this practice by mutual friends. I had a very serious back operation in 2010 which left me partly disabled and in need of physiotherapy at least twice a week. My first visit to Immelman and Redivo was in October last year and we started treatment twice, on a weekly basis. Today I might only see her twice a month as this Physiotherapy practice has helped me in strengthening my back and in the process stopped spasms which led to severe pain in my legs and feet.

My neurosurgeon was very surprised by the way I walk and with the strength I gained at my last visit. The professional ways in which they take every client’s situation to heart, and the results they achieve, make them my first choice.”
– MM

“I have been receiving physiotherapy treatment at the Immelman & Redivo practice for the last 9 months in order to address the pain and reduced movement in my lower back, both legs and right foot that has emanated from a broken femur, multiple hip replacements and a severe bout of Sciatica. They have helped me tremendously. I have been enabled to manage my condition and to return to normal living after I broke my left femur in November 2013.

After being on crutches for 6 months, I could finally start my rehabilitation to walk normally again, but then unfortunately, I developed Sciatica. I was in constant, severe pain; back onto crutches but this time round I could hardly walk due to weak legs and restricted movement caused by the inflamed sciatic nerve. My lower back and sciatic nerve were treated by Immelman and Redivo and the key exercise requirements were identified for me, concentrating on improving my balance and building my core muscles. I was also guided to an understanding of my condition, the purpose of specific exercises and the planned result. It was also important for me to understand the importance of regular exercise and doing it correctly. There is no doubt that the correct treatment was performed and an effective personal exercise program worked out for me to follow on a daily basis.

I now walk so much better and my fitness has improved to a great extent. This, together with the support and encouragement that I’m getting from Elandie, Vanessa and their staff, have led me to believe that I will make a full recovery.

Apart from the superior treatment and personal attention that I’ve received, I have found all the personnel at this practice to be very supportive, friendly, effective and professional. From reception, accounts, medical aid claims, etc – all services are rendered effectively and professionally with the greatest of care. I highly recommend this practice with the greatest of confidence.”
– LJ

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